More Facebook Likes!!!

More Facebook Likes!!!


Anyone who is using Facebook can create a Facebook page. It’s really free and easy. Though creating a random Facebook page and a Great Facebook page is entirely two different things.
Here I have mentioned the crucial steps which can help you to get more likes on Facebook pages. So, don’t waste your precious time and read these important steps..

Selection of username:

The username of the page also appears in the URL of the Facebook page. On Facebook, there are already billions of running pages mostly about everything. That’s why it is essential for you to get a creative username for your Fb page as soon as possible. Attractive username is the main key to get more likes.

Details in the About Section:

Every Facebook page contains a small about section. You can include a couple of key information about your business or organization in this small about section. This small about section help your audience in concerning the point why your Fb page should matter to them. Most importantly include the URL of your page in this section. The visibility of your page’s URL on the top of this section help people to learn more about your business or purpose of the page.

Fantastic Cover Photo:

Always choose that cover which is visually dynamic and capture more attention from the people. Attractive cover photos entice people to take a complete look on your page. You can also include any type of message in your cover photos like any type it may be about something business or any marketing message. By the cover photos you can easily attract more audience.

Appropriate profile photo:

The profile photo is the smaller image which appears on the side of Facebook Page. This image also appears as your avatar on your wall posts, comments and photos you publish on your Facebook page. Make sure the profile photo you are using is the one which reflects precisely about your brand or business. 

Be Consistent:

Post on your Facebook page almost 5 times a week which helps you to get top in your Fan’s mind. My personal recommendation for you is to post at least twice a day. Just keep in mind that you are monitoring everything perception of Facebook.

Creation of the post:

People love to share valuable and great content. When your friends, relatives, and family see valuable content, they may also share it, or even better they like your Facebook page and recommend it to other people. When the current fans on the Facebook page share your content and ideas, your new fans like your page. 

Use of eye-catching images:

Photos and videos are the most shared content not only on Facebook but also to the whole social media world. So always post that pictures that attract your fans. By the share of your photos and videos and any other content also help you to get more likes on Facebook page. 

Feed your content:

Are you too busy to publish content on your Facebook page? The solution to your problem is automatically publishing. You can also automate your some publishing by feeding your twitter’s blog posts and updates on your Facebook Page. 

Always relevant:

Always use that content on your FB pages which are relevant to the information on the Facebook page, this is an important point which lead you to get more likes on your page.

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