Free Boosting of Facebook Pages

Free Boosting of Facebook Pages


Boosting of the Facebook pages is really important for the reputation of brands. This boosting is not free sometimes. In the different market, websites are working which can effectively boost your Facebook posts and pages by charging you some amount.
But, now I am going to share some important ways that can boost your Facebook reach for free.

Awesome content:

When you understand the point of working on your page and what’s been working on the page, you’ll get it more. But the question is how you can go remotely beyond what has been working?

Just ask yourself some questions like:

  1. Would I share the content of my page with my friends?
  2. What are people talking about the content?
  3. What can cause more trending?
  4. What are different contending nonprofits posting contents on other pages?
  5. How can we become more useful or even obligatory to your Facebook community?

The complete line is that content is KING on the Facebook. So always try to share awesome and shareable content and take full responsibility.

The crossing of posts:

Don’t ever cross posts. The cross-posting from Twitter to Facebook is not a great idea because

  • Hashtags are considered to be in a foreign language. 
  • It’s easy to click shortened URL’s as compared to the long ones.
  • You do not exist.

 Briefly, the resolved of cross-posting is to save your time, which is the contrary intend to create a vibrant community for your page. 

Weekend postings:

Most of the people use their free times on weekends to check what activities are doing their Facebook friends. Remember this point of making your posts weekend friendly because most of the brands post on weekends, so you don’t face more competition in the acquaintance of news feed.
Make the main focus on topics like family, entertainment and all weekend activities. If you are having a religious type of community, then make post according to their tastes. 

Email marketing:

Most of the people have the email list which is long about ten times in size as compared to their Facebook fan page. Email marketing is one of the unique and easy ways for you to boost your Facebook page for free. 
Intensify reach for your page by liking one of your top updates in the list of your email community.
The content which is already liked by your fan followings intends your email communities to automatically like your content, comment on it and share your content with their friends.
So, boost your Facebook page for free with this unusual method.

Fans to get the notification:

More visits from your fans boost also boost your Facebook page. You just have to tell your fan following about the notifications of activities on your page.

Use of Pinterest:

You can create more boosting for your Facebook page content and photos by reposting them on Pinterest and connecting those photos back to the page Update. The report on page boosting will show you how well all the traffic is going on. 
So, here I have suggested you some free steps which can boost your Facebook pages for free.

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